Next training sessions





AN TS06 22 - 26 January
Bordeaux PDS TS13 13 - 16 February
Warsaw Contaminants TS05 13 - 16 February
Amsterdam AN TS07 20 - 22 February
Brussels Food Testing TS04 26 Feb - 9 March


Better Training for Safer Food national contact points have been designated to coordinate aspects such as participant selection.

If you are working in the Competent Authority of a EU Member State, Candidate or Associated Country, please contact your BTSF national contact point to express your interest in the course.

To know more about who is your national contact point, please click on the following link:

If you are working in the Competent Authority of a Third Country, please refer to us (all contact details are available here).

Please remember that sending your training application form duly completed to your national contact point is in no case a proof of acceptance. Only selected candidates will be informed by e-mail and will receive an official confirmation of their participation.