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HACCP TS20 20-24 January
Bordeaux PDS TS12 21-24 January
Porto AN TS04 28-30 January
Leipzig PR TS01 4-7 February
Warsaw CTM TS04 4-7 February


Participants in the BTSF trainings organized by NSF Euro Consultants shall carefully read the following practical information as soon as their attendance to a BTSF training is confirmed:

1. Modes of transportation

  • Air travel is the usual mode of transportation provided by NSF Euro Consultants. Each participant receives a flight proposal for the most economically advantageous fare in accordance with the training schedule for prior approval. Following confirmation of the flight itinerary by the participant, he/she receives the air-ticket electronically via email (e-ticket).
  • Travel by train or boat: where feasible, train or boat transportation may be used. NSF Euro Consultants will either organize the train/boat travel and provide the participant with a first class ticket, or alternatively – will refund the participant the cost for the ticket.
  • Other means of transport could also be used, however only with prior written approval by NSF Euro Consultants.

No changes are allowed to tickets already purchased by NSF Euro Consultants, unless due to emergency reasons.

2. Flight arrangements

Our travel agent will add each participant’s mobile number in the flight booking, so that passengers can receive sms notification from the airline if need be.

In the case of change in the flight schedule, the participant shall call the airline at the number mentioned in the sms to receive more information. The participant shall also contact the Event Manager in order to address any uncertainties concerning timely arrival for the training session.

Online check-in before departure is highly recommended - it allows the airline to obtain the phone number of the passenger and to contact him/her in the event of flight schedule changes.

In addition, we recommend that participants themselves check for possible last-minute flight schedule modifications shortly before departure to the airport.

3. Passport requirements for non-EU nationals

Non-EU nationals travelling within the EU need a passport which is:

  • valid for at least 3 months after the date of departure from the EU
  • issued within the previous 10 years.

4. Visa

Participants from countries outside the European Union must check before travelling whether they need a visa or not. If visa is required, participants must immediately contact the embassy to start the visa procedure, as the process may take up to 50 days. Visa costs will be reimbursed by NSF Euro Consultants upon receipt of payment proof.

NSF Euro Consultants will assist participants in their visa applications by providing an Invitation Letter and a Hotel Booking Confirmation.

5. Insurance

Participants are responsible for their own insurance arrangements.

NSF Euro Consultants will not reimburse any personal medical expenses.

For EU citizens, the European Health Insurance Card is recommended, which is free of charge and, in case of medical emergency, will provide access to medical services at no or reduced cost depending on the country.

6. Local transport

NSF Euro Consultants organizes all local transportation (to/from airport transfers), however there may be exceptional cases where the participant has to book his/her own transfer. In such cases the costs are reimbursed to the participant against presentation of relevant payment document. Taxi costs, however, will not be reimbursed without prior approval. Detailed instructions about the organized local transportation (to/from airport transfers) will be sent to each participant via email at least one week prior to the training.

7. Costs

NSF Euro Consultants is responsible for all travel arrangements, including flights booking, issuing of tickets, organisation of local transport (airport transfers), hotel reservations and catering. Other arrangements made by participants will not be financed or reimbursed without prior approval by NSF Euro Consultants. Costs for private telephone calls, minibar, and other personal expenses will be borne by the participants themselves.

8. Accommodation

NSF Euro Consultants will book a 4 stars (or equivalent) hotel for all participants for the dates of the training activity. Each participant will be accommodated in a single room or a double room for single use. Extra overnight stays before or after the training shall be avoided. If there is a justification for extra overnights, these need to be booked and paid for separately by the participants.

9. Catering

All meals are also included. Breakfast will be served every day in the hotel’s restaurant. Lunch time varies every day according to the programme for the day. In the evenings dinners are usually served in the hotel with the exception of the organised social night during which the group will enjoy a pleasant tour around the city and dinner in a local restaurant.

10. Cancellation

The BTSF team of NSF Euro Consultants should be contacted immediately upon cancellation of participation. The relevant National Contact Point must be put in copy of the informative written communication. Non-attendance or cancellation is reported to the Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA).

11. Attendance

During the training activities, daily attendance sheets are circulated for signature by the participants; first name, last name and sending country are included in these sheets. For statistical purposes only, this information will be uploaded by NSF Euro Consultants in a database created and maintained by the Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA). All information received by CHAFEA through this database will be treated confidentially.

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