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Animal Nutrition TS03 30 October - 3 November
Vienna Contaminants TS03 14 - 17 November
Porto Animal Nutrition TS04 21 - 23 November
Vienna Contaminants TS04 5 - 8 December
Rome PDS TS12 5 - 8 December


This website provides information regarding the training courses organised by the NSF Euro Consultants - JVL Consulting Consortium under the initiative "Better Training for Safer Food".

More specifically, the NSF Euro Consultants - JVL Consulting Consortium has been designated to support the European Commission in the organisation and implementation of training courses for staff involved in official controls in Member States and possible participants from third countries, with the aim of improving knowledge and implementation of EU legislation and developing best practices on:


For more information on each training, please refer to the relevant pages on this website or contact us via the provided details here.